Sunday, October 25, 2009

Isang Taon Nang Tumatakbo!

Indeed,time flies when you are having fun. Today marks my first anniversary of running. After finishing a total of 23 races and missing 3,I would like to give my feet and legs a mark of excellence for bringing me to distances I've never thought I am capable of covering.

Furthermore, I would like also to congratulate myself for some positive things that happened since I started running:

1. Lose weight. - from 170lb to 158lb

2. Ran distances more than 10k - I've gone beyond 41k, ran two full marathons this year.

3. Met people who are really deep into running. - Thanks for the community. I've met people who are not just mere nodding acquaintances,they are now my friends and running buddies. (courtesy of Doc Marv Opulencia)

4. Invincibility from sickness - I almost did it. I fell sick once when I waded in the flood water during the great flood. I sustain a wound in the knee when i struck a blunt object. Afterwhich,I got a flu and a bad cold.

5. Influenced other people to run - Three of my friends are now running addicts after months of inducing them the good effect of running in my life,they finally gave in.

Paul,Doc Jun,Me and Patrick
Now that it's been a year and I love doing it more than eating. It clearly shows that the sport is really for me. Gotta Run!.


  1. Congratulations partner on your first year anniversary of "running". Actually it also coincides with me, isang taon na rin akong walang sawang tumatakbo! Hope to run with you again soon, tarayem!

  2. congrats parekoy!!! more running years for us!!!

  3. Congrats on your first year, bro! may the roads burn while you blaze by!:-)